Client:  Konwiser Corporation

Location:  Canyondale Dr., at Brea Canyon Rd., [Canyon Country Homes], Brea, Ca.

Selections:  Copper, 8x2x4 feet: The sculpture incorporates the roof lines of the homes and other architectural elements of the area.  The copper will provide a continuing source of interest as the copper changes colour over the years.

Alert: Art detectives this sculpture was reported stolen on 2 or 3 August 2016 

“Brea’s 8-foot tall public sculpture ‘Selections’ stolen, likely for its copper.” Orange County Register


Status: Art in a public place

Size: 8 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet

Weight: 600 pounds

Materials: Copper

Client: Konwiser Corporation

Location: Brea, Ca., Canyondale Dr., at the entrance to Canyon Country Homes

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