The Getty Centre for Education in the Arts, Letter from Ronald H. Silverman, Associate Director for Curriculum, Emeritus Professor of Art, California State University Los Angeles. “Harold Pastorius Jr. …is a superb artist. His works are both Inventive and relevant. He is very knowledgeable about sculptural procedures and…possesses an unusually sophisticated understanding of the creative process…[and] communicate[s] his beliefs with great clarity…about the nature of art production and the role of the artist in Society…[He] is always eager to help to further the cause of art education at all levels of schooling*…He represents the artist as a very “down to earth” individual who is making a very worthwhile contribution to the quality of our lives, both aesthetically and intellectually.

*From University and graduate students at the Getty Centre for Education in the Arts, it was said “he [Harold Pastorius, sculptor] always receives very high ratings from the participants in our Institute”

*To grade school students on a field trip to Hal’s Studio in Laguna Beach, Hal spoke of the importance of art in education as government studies showed students with art education backgrounds generally do better in school than their counterparts with no art schooling. The right side of the brain deals with creativity, including art, while the left side is in charge of logical thinking. He tells the kids, “a Brain with both sides developed work better than one that is lopsided.”


“Hal Pastorius is one of the finest sculptors we have in Southern California. He is a Master Craftsman and artist. I was most impressed with his integrity, character, and creativity.”

Elm Weingarden, Senior Vice President, Rossmoor Corporation

“The most extraordinary work of art I’ve ever seen; certainly the most extraordinary work I’ll ever have the pleasure of owning.”

Robert K. Gladstone

We are absolutely ecstatic about the way Hal used his creativity in projecting our bank’s logo. We have received many, many favourable comments about his sculpture; it has added that ‘touch of class’ to our building.”

Wayne F. Miller, President, Orange National Bank

We found Harold Pastorius’ approach to be not only creative, but realistic and business-like. Thank you for enlightening us with the possibilities of sculpture.”

Stephen C. Maloney, Moreland Development Co., Division of Union Oil