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Can an Artist protect their original Art Work, from theft, and how can they protect their reputation if someone makes inferior copies.

The Artist has different ways to protect their business name, logos, profits from their art, and all future uses of their art.  Each element might require a different method of protection.

At a fundamental level…: copyright protects your art and writings, trademark protects the names, symbols or slogans for products or services that you sell, and patents protect your inventions and their designs. Also, ideas cannot be protected, only the product of ideas.  This Quote was taken from the “art law journal” and their concise website can be found at:


Art Law Links

Harvard Law School facility Art Law department has an overview for Artists rights, well worth reviewing using the following link



“If you are an artist or other creative entrepreneur you are involved in the world of intellectual property whether you know it or not. Intellectual property deals with the things that are created and gives them certain rights and protections under the law. These include rights for artistic, musical, film and literary works, the creation of symbols, designs and phrases, inventions and processes. In general, these types of intellectual property fall under the categories of copyrights, trademarks and patents.”  This quote comes from the following link and simply states the topics to be found in the link.  A great primer for our topic of how an artist can protect his art.



The Association’s website has a valuable set of links, guides, practices and policies with information relating to rights outside of the USA.  Their Committee on Intellectual Property  monitors and interprets copyright legislation for the benefit of College Art Associates. It offers educational programs and opportunities for discussion and debate in response to copyright legislation affecting educators, scholars, museum professionals, and artists.