Art for Sale

* All prices in US dollars as of May 2016
Note all proceeds will go to a Charitable Sculpture Trust

Stainless Steel Sculptures:

Name and IdentificationMaterialsInvest Sold or Available
Candle Holders set of four with snuffer
Stainless Steel Set of 4 with snuffer
[275/295/310/and 330mm x 96mm o.d.][11"-13" x 4' dia.]
$15,000"Candle holders" available
California GoldSS and brass 1986$5,200
Continental Shelf[8”x10”x11”]
Laguna Museum Membership Show 1976
Del Mar Fair, 3rd Place, 1977
<$22,000>Price Indicative
Empty[26”x8”x6”] 55#$8,500empty available
Leading Edge[53”x17”x13”] 20.5usSuter Collection, Nelson, New Zealand
Star Locator[42”x13”x17”] 265#<$15,000>Star-Locator gifted to Sawdust Festival
Sightings[8x8x4] 4 tubes$1,200unknown location
Squares and Rectangles[72”x30”x22”]$9,500
Kinetic: Turns on a rod
Whales are Museum Pieces[18”x21”x20”] 43# 1978
Orange County Art Association-show
Muckenthaler in 1978
Riverside Art Museum show 1978
$12,000Whales are museum Pieces

Copper, or Copper Bronze Sculptures:

Name and IdentificationMaterialsInvestmentSold or Available
Copper Wall Piece[46" x 22" x 3"] used above fireplace$14,000
Baja Seed[37” x 55” OD] 22.0usInvested for the futureBaja Seed Sold: donated to The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, NZ
Dried Flowers[14” x 8” x 8”]$3,900
Red and Green[16” x 14” x 12”]$3,900
Inclination12" x 12" x 10"$4,900

Corten “Weathered Metal" Sculptures:

Name and IdentificationMaterialsInvestmentSold or Available
Slice10' x 4" x 4" Corten weathering steel$1,500
Ovation20" x 20" x 14"
Red Painted Corten Steel
Variation on a Cube12" x 12" x 12"
Blue Powder Coated Steel
Fountain Design #1Green Powder Coated Corten Steel
23" x 12" o.d.
PassportYellow Powder Coated Corten 28" x 5" x 5" 6.0usThe "Passport" Maquette in Laguna Art Museum Collection

Sculptures in Other Materials:

Name and IdentificationMaterialsInvestmentSold or Available
Cynosure[10x18x17 [8x8x4] aluminuim$5,000
Out Black Spot[69”x39”x37”] Painted “I” Beams<$27,000>donated for community pocket park
Pylon[21x4.5x8] Aluminium
2nd F of A

Paintings Available:

Name and IdentificationMaterialsInvestmentSold or Available
End of the TunnelOil$950sold > Cincinnati Ohio
Texas TowerOil$1,200
Tree and RockPen and Ink$500
Log in a FieldOil$500