Saturn Sail

Saturn Sail


Located at 2900 Saturn St., Brea, Ca., this puts it about a block away from “Beam Relay” which sits on the opposite side of the street.  These two sculptures were produced in the same year and installed close to one another, but you would never guess they were produced by the same artist.

This imaginative piece invites the mind to see the energy created by this device for long distant solar travel.  The Red evokes a sense of power and energy generation, while the contrasting blue instills a sense of change and discharge of the energy, while the elliptical hole becomes the centre of thrust for this propulsion devise.  How far will it take your or your imagination?

Status: Art in a public place

Size: 12 feet x 4 feet x 3.75 feet

Weight: 800 pounds

Materials: Painted Corten

Client: Trico Realty Company, Costa Mesa

Location: 2900 Saturn St., Brea, Ca.

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