Client Commission: Baldwin Corporation, Baldwin Homes

This 3,000 pound abstract design represents the family unit and the concept of the family oriented environment at this North Hills residential development.

Location: Stonewood and Beach St. off Berry, Brea,Ca.

Note: Family can be found in a little park on the corner of the intersection at Stonebridge Dr & Beechwood Dr.  Hal Pastorius was the most prolific sculptor in Brea’s Art in Public Places Program.  Brea was an early adopter of this concept of making a name for a city using art as a drawing card.

Status: Art in a public place

Size: 20' x 11' x 5

Weight: 3,000 pounds

Materials: Corten

Client: The Baldwin Corporation, Brea

Location: Stonebridge Dr. and Beechwood Dr., Brea, Ca.

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