Rock Wagon

Rock Wagon


Client:  Ponderosa Homes, Irvine Calif.

Location: 186 Ambling Drive [off Edgemont Lane], Brea, Ca.

This realistic sculpture was definitely a site specific endeavour.  The housing development had an early California theme which was carried out with boulders spilling from a wooden wagon of bygone years.  The subtle message  was this was a place to rest and relax, as nothing was going to change for a while.   Note:  Reportedly of a mother sent her child with a hammer, nail, and garage sale sign to “Rock Wagon”.  He returned flustered, and said, “Mom  it’s not made of wood.”  What happened to protecting the Arts & teaching children the values of not damaging property?

Status: Art in a public place

Size: 8 feet x 12 feet x 6 feet

Weight: 2,000#

Materials: Corten, Stainless Steel, Copper, Other

Client: Ponderosa Homes, Irvine, Ca.

Location: 186 Ambling Drive, Off Edgemont Lane, Brea, Ca.

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