Baja Seed

Baja Seed

While camping on a remote Baja Beach in Mexico, Pastorius found a pod washed up by the tide.  This 1 inch seed pod had survived a storm, but was now part of the litter and wreckage on the beach.  This seed pod has been identified as a “Deer’s Eye”, a symbol of good luck n Mexico.

This sculpture is a monument to the that little seed pod which survived the storm, pounding seas, burning sun, and intermittent winds of this rugged Baja Coast.

Created in 1982.

Status: Art in a public place

Size: 37” x 55” OD

Materials: Stainless Steel, Copper

Client: Karen Pastorius donated it to the Suter (3rd oldest NZ Museum & First Provincial Art Gallery).

Location: Nelson, New Zealand, at 208 Bridge Street in the “Pastorius Waller International Sculpture Walk” between the "Queen’s Garden" and The Suter Art Gallery.

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