Rock Fetish

Rock Fetish

approximately 1976

This small desktop sculpture is a cherished part of a families private collection.  The father loved this piece and purchased a number of other sculptures from Hal.  Mr. Gladstone meet Hal immediately after a TV interview of the sculptor,  and was so taken with Hal Pastorius that he followed up on the contact and attending the Festival of Arts where he started his collection.  His enthusiasm was infectious and his 18 year old daughter became Hal’s youngest patron.  This sculpture was one of a “fetish” series which focused on the feel and shimmer possible with Stainless Steel.  How can a piece of metal become warm and soft nearly caress-able?

Status: Private collection

Size: 10 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches

Weight: 6#

Materials: Stainless Steel

Client: Gladstone

Location: Woodland Hills, California

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