Black Hole

Black Hole


Black Hole is one of Hal’s “Erosion Series” of stainless steel art sculptures.  This technique was developed to create an additional surface treatment to this very versatile material.  Stainless steel is often polished by artists to a mirror, reflective, or matt finish.  Hal perfected this erosive finish, along with all the “normal” attempts to finish stainless steel.  On a few pieces he even managed a burnished look with out any perceptible textural change.

This educator added other HLP Sculptures to his private collection to include: “Sightings”, “Parallel Themes”, and “Textures”.

Status: Private collection

Size: 22 inches x 18 inches x 9 inches

Weight: 23#

Materials: Stainless Steel

Client: Dr. Don Dennis

Location: Woodland Hills, Ca.

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