Beam Relay

Beam Relay


This monumental abstract Stainless Steel sculpture is actually three separate sculptures which link together due to their position.  One can only imagine what the sculptor was thinking as he created “Beam Relay”.  What part of the sculpture intensified the beam and  for what purpose.  Some see a giant medical scanner, others think the beam generator was for communication.  Hal was fascinated with the electronic “tesla coil” and even shared some of his thoughts on how that instrument might lead to new inventions.  What do you see? Or, is it just a large sculpture sitting on a concrete pad in the grass area between the sidewalk and building.

Status: Art in a public place

Size: 5.25’ x 20’ x 1.75’

Weight: 1,600lb

Materials: Stainless Steel

Client: Trico Realty Company, Costa Mesa, Ca.

Location: Brea, Ca., at 2881 Saturn Street

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