The Egg and the Rock

The Egg and the Rock

created in 1972, sold possibly 1973

First Place, sculpture, Fine Arts Competition,  Orange County Fair 1976

“The Egg and the Rock” was sold as part of  Kay and Hal’s 10 year-plan to cruise down the west coast of the Americas to pass through the Panama Canal and then up to the east coast of the US.  The unknown buyers purchased three or four sculptures as they were developing their art collection for their Los Angeles home.

An Art Investigator could be used here to report any sightings.

Status: Private collection

Size: 25" x 25" x 17" approximately

Weight: 18 pounds approximately

Materials: Stainless Steel

Awards & accolades: First Place, sculpture, Fine Arts Competition, Orange County Fair 1976

Client: Unknown

Location: Los Angeles last know location

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