Art as Aerospace

Art as Aerospace


In 1991, Gregg Juarez acquired Rancho Mirage Home in the California Desert which included a large Pastorius sculpture installed in the back yard and fronted on the golf course.  Gregg decided to purchase “Art as Aerospace,” a smaller Pastorius sculpture to replace the monumental  corten sculpture “Reflections” which he donated to the College of the Desert in Palm Springs, California.  “Reflections” was originally commissioned in 1977, by Mrs. Louis Dulian of Seattle, Washington, making it one of the earliest monumental sculptures by this artist.

Pastorius’s outdoor sculpture is also in such notable Palm Springs collections as that of Sonny Bono, Dr. Cohen, William Holden, Steven Maloney, James Meade, and Kathryn Zinner.

Status: Private collection

Size: 7’9” x 4’4” x 4’2”

Weight: 465lb

Materials: Corten

Client: Greg Juarez

Location: Palm Springs

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