Candle Holders set of Four

Candle Holders set of Four


These four candleholders and snuffer reflects the 1960’s era of candle etiquette, where candles were burned and the wax was permitted to drip down the candle holder or Italian raffia coated wine bottles.  And by some, it was considered an art form, when  different colored candles were used.

Hal Pastorius has once again created a sense of fluidity to stainless steel, blurring the concept of hard and soft.   This is a variation on the erosion series as it also toys with the sense of addition and subtraction, creation and corrosion.

Status: Available - See the store for more information

Size: 12-16 inches x 3 inches outside diameter

Weight: heavy, by any measure

Materials: Stainless Steel

Client: Kay Pastorius

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

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