Continental Shelf

Continental Shelf



This solid SS sculpture is part of the Pastorius Erosion Series [depicts the effects of the sea on metals].  This design could be a submerged segment of pipe lying on a sea bed shelf.  The highly reflective surface speaks to the pipes perfect original condition in mans attempt to harness the sea.  A closer look, reveals what appears to be a brushed finish yet no discernible dimensional change is felt. This unique illusion mirrors early surface corrosion.  The rugged eroded interior surface speaks to the changes made over time by the immense continual force of nature.  A favourite of the artist, this sculpture captures the sea in a way no one has ever done before.

Status: Private collection

Size: 8.5 inches x10 inches x 11inches

Weight: 38 pounds

Materials: Stainless Steel

Awards & accolades: Won, Laguna Beach Museum of Art Membership Show 1975; Del Mar Sculpture Exhibit, 3rd Prize, 1977, Newport Harbor Art Museum Exhibition, 1978

Client: Kay Pastorius

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

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